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Raffica's Lady Killer
Name Raffica's Lady Killer (click to view pedigree)
Owner Kasumi Honma (USA)
Breeder Sue & Garret Games (USA - Raffica)
Gender Dog
Sire Jorogz' Heart Breaker
Dam Raffica's Smoke Gets N Yr Eyes
Photo courtesy of
Registration No. AKC HM75059301
Title Year
Additional SHOW Titles
Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD) 1997/11/15
Colour Black and brindle
Colour Variations
KC BRS number UK
Country of Registration United States
Alternate Country of Registration Japan
KC STUD Book No AKC 11-99
Co Owners
Co Breeders
Agility/Rally Titles
Coursing/Racing Titles
Obedience Titles
Other Awards & Titles
Photo Gallery
Alternate Name
Litter Number
Pet/Call name Gazarra
Scented N/A
Smooth N/A
Bearded N/A
ATC Number
UK Challenge Certificates
OFA Registration No
Thyroid Test Results
Elbow Test Results
Hip Test Results
Eye Test Results
Cardiac Test Results
CHIC Number
Health Notes
Date of Death YYYY/MM/DD
Cause of Death
Stud Dogs N/A
Stud details
Frozen Semen Yes
Litter Announcements N/A
Litter Details
Ownership Transfers
Change Of Name
Notes SB owner Sue & Garret Games (USA - Raffica)
AKC Website
Contact Us Contact Us Email - with updates/corrections
Inbred percentage 6.6664 %
38 Animals found.
Name Registration No. Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD) Colour Pattern KC BRS number UK KC STUD Book No
Azari Starlite Dressed To Kill AKC HP25782008 2007/04/09 Black and tan
Azari's In The Kill Zone AKC HP25782003 2007/04/09 Silver Black mask
Azari's Kill 'N 'Em 'N Thrill 'N 'Em AKC HP25782001 2007/04/09 Black and silver
Azari's Kill 'N 'Em Softly AKC HP25782002 2007/04/09 Red brindle Black mask
Hanska de Aikhanoum 2012/01/31 Black
Hapchepsout de Aikhanoum 2012/01/31 Brindle Black mask
Hepburn de Aikhanoum 2012/01/31 Black and tan
Hopkins de Aikhanoum 2012/01/31 Black
Horus de Aikhanoum 2012/01/31 Black
Mahrani Dream Maker Of Stormhill AKC HP27582001 2007/09/12 Red Black mask
Raffica Azari's Kill'N'Em With A Look AKC HP25782006 2007/04/09 Black and silver
Raffica Darjeeling La Diva AKC HM85131805 / S64810/2003 1999/07/04 Black and tan
Raffica Sadir Killer Queen AKC HP25782005 2007/04/09 Blue brindle
Raffica's Dazzling Sparkler AKC HM85131803 1999/07/04 Black
Raffica's Evil Woman Of Zanza AKC HM87389607 1999/10/08 Black
Raffica's Exquisite Illumination At Sterling AKC HP42985701 2012/03/04 Black and tan
Raffica's Give Me Liberty AKC HM85131802 1999/07/04 Black
Raffica's Herat Exquisite Paradox AKC HP42985706 2012/03/04 Black and tan
Raffica's Herat Exquisite Sequel AKC HP42985705 2012/03/04 Black and tan
Raffica's Herat Simply Exquisite AKC HP42985703 2012/03/04 Black
Raffica's Kahara French Cancan AKC HM87389606 1999/10/08 Black and tan
Raffica's Kahara Gypsy Woman AKC HM87389602 1999/10/08 Black and tan
Raffica's Kill 'N 'Em Like A Lady AKC HP25782007 2007/04/09 Black and silver
Raffica's Ladies Man AKC HM87389604 1999/10/08 Black and tan
Raffica's Lit'l Ms Firecracker AKC HM85131801 1999/07/04 Black and silver
Raffica's Song And Dance Man AKC HM87389603 1999/10/08 Black and tan
Raffica's Yankee Doodle Dandi AKC HM85131804 1999/07/04 Black and silver
Raffica'Sherat Exquisite Inspiration AKC HP42985708 2012/03/04 Black and silver
Rafficas Exquisite Sterling Asset AKC HP42985702 2012/03/04 Black
Rafficas Herat Exquisitlyinsatiable At August Knig AKC HP42985704 2012/03/04 Black and tan
Spiral JP Mr Mandrill 2001/07/26
Stormhill's Dream Catcher AKC HP27582004 2007/09/12 Red Black mask
Stormhill's Dream Girl AKC HP27582006 2007/09/12 Silver
Stormhill's Dream Of Me AKC HP27582003 2007/09/12 Red
Stormhill's Dream The Dream AKC HP27582008 2007/09/12 Silver Black mask
Stormhill's I'll Dream Of You AKC HP27582007 2007/09/12 Red Black mask
Stormhill's In Your Wildest Dreams AKC HP27582002 2007/09/12 Red Black mask
Stormhill's Sweet Dreams Of Raffica AKC HP27582009 2007/09/12 Red Black mask
Brothers and sisters
1 Animals found.
Name Registration No. Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD) Colour Pattern KC BRS number UK KC STUD Book No
Raffica's Heart of Mykhan AKC HM75059302 1997/11/15 Black AKC 11-2003
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