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Raffica's Lady Killer
Name Raffica's Lady Killer (click to view pedigree)
Owner Kasumi Honma (USA)
Breeder Sue & Garret Games (USA - Raffica)
Gender Dog
Sire Jorogz' Heart Breaker
Dam Raffica's Smoke Gets N Yr Eyes
Photo courtesy of
Registration No. AKC HM75059301
Title Year
Additional SHOW Titles
Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD) 1997/11/15
Colour Black and brindle
Colour Variations
KC BRS number UK
Country of Registration United States
Alternate Country of Registration Japan
KC STUD Book No AKC 11-99
Co Owners
Co Breeders
Agility/Rally Titles
Coursing/Racing Titles
Obedience Titles
Other Awards & Titles
Photo Gallery
Alternate Name
Litter Number
Pet/Call name Gazarra
Scented N/A
Smooth N/A
Bearded N/A
ATC Number
UK Challenge Certificates
Thyroid Test Results
Elbow Test Results
Hip Test Results
Eye Test Results
Cardiac Test Results
CHIC Number
Health Notes
Date of Death YYYY/MM/DD
Cause of Death
Stud Dogs N/A
Stud details
Frozen Semen Yes
Ownership Transfers
Change Of Name
Notes SB owner Sue & Garret Games (USA - Raffica)
AKC Website
Contact Us Contact Us Email - with updates/corrections
Inbred percentage 6.6664 %
38 Animals found.
Name Registration No. Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD) Colour Pattern KC BRS number UK KC STUD Book No
Azari Starlite Dressed To Kill AKC HP25782008 2007/04/09 Black and tan
Azari's In The Kill Zone AKC HP25782003 2007/04/09 Silver Black mask
Azari's Kill 'N 'Em 'N Thrill 'N 'Em AKC HP25782001 2007/04/09 Black and silver
Azari's Kill 'N 'Em Softly AKC HP25782002 2007/04/09 Red brindle Black mask
Hanska de Aikhanoum 2012/01/31 Black
Hapchepsout de Aikhanoum 2012/01/31 Brindle Black mask
Hepburn de Aikhanoum 2012/01/31 Black and tan
Hopkins de Aikhanoum 2012/01/31 Black
Horus de Aikhanoum 2012/01/31 Black
Mahrani Dream Maker Of Stormhill AKC HP27582001 2007/09/12 Red Black mask
Raffica Azari's Kill'N'Em With A Look AKC HP25782006 2007/04/09 Black and silver
Raffica Darjeeling La Diva AKC HM85131805 / S64810/2003 1999/07/04 Black and tan
Raffica Sadir Killer Queen AKC HP25782005 2007/04/09 Blue brindle
Raffica's Dazzling Sparkler AKC HM85131803 1999/07/04 Black
Raffica's Evil Woman Of Zanza AKC HM87389607 1999/10/08 Black
Raffica's Exquisite Illumination At Sterling AKC HP42985701 2012/03/04 Black and tan
Raffica's Give Me Liberty AKC HM85131802 1999/07/04 Black
Raffica's Herat Exquisite Paradox AKC HP42985706 2012/03/04 Black and tan
Raffica's Herat Exquisite Sequel AKC HP42985705 2012/03/04 Black and tan
Raffica's Herat Simply Exquisite AKC HP42985703 2012/03/04 Black
Raffica's Kahara French Cancan AKC HM87389606 1999/10/08 Black and tan
Raffica's Kahara Gypsy Woman AKC HM87389602 1999/10/08 Black and tan
Raffica's Kill 'N 'Em Like A Lady AKC HP25782007 2007/04/09 Black and silver
Raffica's Ladies Man AKC HM87389604 1999/10/08 Black and tan
Raffica's Lit'l Ms Firecracker AKC HM85131801 1999/07/04 Black and silver
Raffica's Song And Dance Man AKC HM87389603 1999/10/08 Black and tan
Raffica's Yankee Doodle Dandi AKC HM85131804 1999/07/04 Black and silver
Raffica'Sherat Exquisite Inspiration AKC HP42985708 2012/03/04 Black and silver
Rafficas Exquisite Sterling Asset AKC HP42985702 2012/03/04 Black
Rafficas Herat Exquisitlyinsatiable At August Knig AKC HP42985704 2012/03/04 Black and tan
Spiral JP Mr Mandrill 2001/07/26
Stormhill's Dream Catcher AKC HP27582004 2007/09/12 Red Black mask
Stormhill's Dream Girl AKC HP27582006 2007/09/12 Silver
Stormhill's Dream Of Me AKC HP27582003 2007/09/12 Red
Stormhill's Dream The Dream AKC HP27582008 2007/09/12 Silver Black mask
Stormhill's I'll Dream Of You AKC HP27582007 2007/09/12 Red Black mask
Stormhill's In Your Wildest Dreams AKC HP27582002 2007/09/12 Red Black mask
Stormhill's Sweet Dreams Of Raffica AKC HP27582009 2007/09/12 Red Black mask
Brothers and sisters
1 Animals found.
Name Registration No. Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD) Colour Pattern KC BRS number UK KC STUD Book No
Raffica's Heart of Mykhan AKC HM75059302 1997/11/15 Black AKC 11-2003
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