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Jahadi Achill JW
Name Jahadi Achill JW (click to view pedigree)
Owner Mr & Mrs Dan T & Lesley A James (UK - Jahadi)
Breeder Mr & Mrs Dan T & Lesley A James (UK - Jahadi)
Gender Dog
Sire Kunta Kinte von Katwiga From Jahadi
Dam Nausikaa's Djamani From Jahadi
Photo courtesy of 9-2014
Registration No.
Title UK CH
Title Year
Additional SHOW Titles JW BRS H09/1983
Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD) 1982/07/26
Colour Red
Pattern Black mask
Colour Variations
KC BRS number UK H01/1983*
Country of Registration United Kingdom
Alternate Country of Registration
KC STUD Book No KCSB 4085BS BRS J04/1984
Co Owners
Co Breeders
Agility/Rally Titles
Coursing/Racing Titles
Obedience Titles
Other Awards & Titles
Photo Gallery
Alternate Name
Litter Number
Pet/Call name
Scented N/A
Smooth N/A
Bearded N/A
ATC Number
UK Challenge Certificates
OFA Registration No
Thyroid Test Results
Elbow Test Results
Hip Test Results
Eye Test Results
Cardiac Test Results
CHIC Number
Health Notes
Date of Death YYYY/MM/DD
Cause of Death
Stud Dogs N/A
Stud details
Frozen Semen
Litter Announcements N/A
Litter Details
Ownership Transfers
Change Of Name
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Contact Us Contact Us Email - with updates/corrections
Inbred percentage 40.5604 %
28 Animals found.
Name Registration No. Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD) Colour Pattern KC BRS number UK KC STUD Book No
Jahadi Baghari 1986/04/30 L03/1986*
Jahadi Baghira 1986/04/30 L03/1986* KCSB 2442BZ BRS Q03/1990
Jahadi Basque 1986/04/30 L03/1986*
Jahadi Basuta Of Palamedees 1986/04/30 L03/1986*
Jahadi Binouh 1986/04/30 L03/1986*
Jahadi Borak 1986/04/30 L03/1986*
Jahadi Boroque 1986/04/30 L03/1986*
Jahadi Bosch At Wilbus JW 1986/04/30 Gold Black mask L03/1986* KCSB 3297BY BRS P03/1989
Jahadi Burundi JW 1986/04/30 L03/1986* KCSB 5705BX BRS N04/1988
Jahadi Dacirah 1989/04/04 Red Black mask P02/1989*
Jahadi Deutsch Of Cihela 1989/04/04 Red P02/1989*
Jahadi Dhaid 1989/04/04 Red Black mask P02/1989*
Jahadi Djamani 1989/04/04 Red P02/1989*
Jahadi Duta At Zarra 1989/04/04 Red P02/1989*
Padaki Qadir Of Taygharn 1985/04/21 K09/1985* KCSB 2335BV BRS L04/1986
Padaki Qakarti-Sari JW 1985/04/21 K09/1985* KCSB 2483BX BRS N02/1988
Padaki Qakarti-Shahn 1985/04/21 K09/1985* KCSB 1256BX BRS N02/1988
Padaki Qala-E-Shah JW 1985/04/21 Gold Black mask K09/1985*
Padaki Qalisareema 1985/04/21 K09/1985* KCSB 5337BV BRS M01/1987
Padaki Qareena 1985/04/21 K09/1985*
Padaki Qatasha 1985/04/21 K09/1985*
Palamedees Kachill 1987/11/03 N01/1988*
Palamedees Kachilla 1987/11/03 N01/1988*
Palamedees Kallandra Of Zorba 1987/11/03 N01/1988* KCSB 0308CB BRS S02/1992
Palamedees Kallista JW 1987/11/03 Black and tan N01/1988* KCSB 5704BX BRS N04/1988
Palamedees Karian At Covonia KCR M0328903N01 / VDH 94/087 Ue0226 1987/11/03 N01/1988*
Palamedees Kariana 1987/11/03 N01/1988*
Palamedees Karrolan JW 1987/11/03 N01/1988*
Brothers and sisters
7 Animals found.
Name Registration No. Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD) Colour Pattern KC BRS number UK KC STUD Book No
Jahadi Aglaii From Taygharn 1982/07/26 H01/1983* KCSB 3295BY BRS P03/1989
Jahadi Ahmoutek 1982/07/26 H01/1983*
Jahadi Ahyokah 1982/07/26 H01/1983*
Jahadi Ajanti 1982/07/26 Red Black mask H01/1983*
Jahadi Ajatsattu 1982/07/26 H01/1983*
Jahadi Assil Of Darralls 1982/07/26 H01/1983*
Jahadi Assuc Of Kapuras 1982/07/26 H01/1983*
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