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Jahadi Achill JW
Name Jahadi Achill JW (click to view pedigree)
Owner Mr & Mrs Dan T & Lesley A James (UK - Jahadi)
Breeder Mr & Mrs Dan T & Lesley A James (UK - Jahadi)
Gender Dog
Sire Kunta Kinte von Katwiga From Jahadi
Dam Nausikaa's Djamani From Jahadi
Photo courtesy of 9-2014
Registration No.
Title UK CH
Title Year
Additional SHOW Titles JW BRS H09/1983
Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD) 1982/07/26
Colour Red
Pattern Black mask
Colour Variations
KC BRS number UK H01/1983*
Country of Registration United Kingdom
Alternate Country of Registration
KC STUD Book No KCSB 4085BS BRS J04/1984
Co Owners
Co Breeders
Agility/Rally Titles
Coursing/Racing Titles
Obedience Titles
Other Awards & Titles
Photo Gallery
Alternate Name
Litter Number
Pet/Call name
Scented N/A
Smooth N/A
Bearded N/A
ATC Number
UK Challenge Certificates
Thyroid Test Results
Elbow Test Results
Hip Test Results
Eye Test Results
Cardiac Test Results
CHIC Number
Health Notes
Date of Death YYYY/MM/DD
Cause of Death
Stud Dogs N/A
Stud details
Frozen Semen
Ownership Transfers
Change Of Name
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Contact Us Contact Us Email - with updates/corrections
Inbred percentage 40.5604 %
28 Animals found.
Name Registration No. Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD) Colour Pattern KC BRS number UK KC STUD Book No
Jahadi Baghari 1986/04/30 L03/1986*
Jahadi Baghira 1986/04/30 L03/1986* KCSB 2442BZ BRS Q03/1990
Jahadi Basque 1986/04/30 L03/1986*
Jahadi Basuta Of Palamedees 1986/04/30 L03/1986*
Jahadi Binouh 1986/04/30 L03/1986*
Jahadi Borak 1986/04/30 L03/1986*
Jahadi Boroque 1986/04/30 L03/1986*
Jahadi Bosch At Wilbus JW 1986/04/30 Gold Black mask L03/1986* KCSB 3297BY BRS P03/1989
Jahadi Burundi JW 1986/04/30 L03/1986* KCSB 5705BX BRS N04/1988
Jahadi Dacirah 1989/04/04 Red Black mask P02/1989*
Jahadi Deutsch Of Cihela 1989/04/04 Red P02/1989*
Jahadi Dhaid 1989/04/04 Red Black mask P02/1989*
Jahadi Djamani 1989/04/04 Red P02/1989*
Jahadi Duta At Zarra 1989/04/04 Red P02/1989*
Padaki Qadir Of Taygharn 1985/04/21 K09/1985* KCSB 2335BV BRS L04/1986
Padaki Qakarti-Sari JW 1985/04/21 Red Black mask K09/1985* KCSB 2483BX BRS N02/1988
Padaki Qakarti-Shahn 1985/04/21 K09/1985* KCSB 1256BX BRS N02/1988
Padaki Qala-E-Shah JW 1985/04/21 Gold Black mask K09/1985*
Padaki Qalisareema 1985/04/21 K09/1985* KCSB 5337BV BRS M01/1987
Padaki Qareena 1985/04/21 K09/1985*
Padaki Qatasha 1985/04/21 K09/1985*
Palamedees Kachill 1987/11/03 N01/1988*
Palamedees Kachilla 1987/11/03 N01/1988*
Palamedees Kallandra Of Zorba 1987/11/03 N01/1988* KCSB 0308CB BRS S02/1992
Palamedees Kallista JW 1987/11/03 Black and tan N01/1988* KCSB 5704BX BRS N04/1988
Palamedees Karian At Covonia KCR M0328903N01 / VDH 94/087 Ue0226 1987/11/03 N01/1988*
Palamedees Kariana 1987/11/03 N01/1988*
Palamedees Karrolan JW 1987/11/03 N01/1988*
Brothers and sisters
7 Animals found.
Name Registration No. Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD) Colour Pattern KC BRS number UK KC STUD Book No
Jahadi Aglaii From Taygharn 1982/07/26 H01/1983* KCSB 3295BY BRS P03/1989
Jahadi Ahmoutek 1982/07/26 H01/1983*
Jahadi Ahyokah 1982/07/26 H01/1983*
Jahadi Ajanti 1982/07/26 Red Black mask H01/1983*
Jahadi Ajatsattu 1982/07/26 H01/1983*
Jahadi Assil Of Darralls 1982/07/26 H01/1983*
Jahadi Assuc Of Kapuras 1982/07/26 H01/1983*
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